A wide variety of “How to Train You Dragon” merchandise is now available for the fan or for the collector. Whether you’re looking for action figures, plush toys, costumes, clothing, bed sheets, lunch boxes, posters and more, you can find it in The Dragon Store. The Dragon Store is our sister site and carries an extensive line of dragon related items. And most items qualify for free shipping on orders of $25 or more (see site for details). The Dragon Store also accepts amazon.com gift cards. Shop the full line of dragon merchandise and gifts or browse by product category below.

Looking for a gift for a fan of “How to Train Your Dragon” but not sure what to get? Then consider an amazon.com gift card and with it they can pick out anything The Dragon Store carries.

action figures from the Dreamworks movie How to Train Your DragonAction figures are available for most of the major human and dragon characters from How to Train Your Dragon. You can even get the action figure for the bone knapper that only appeared in the short feature on the blu ray and DVD release.

How to Train Your Dragon plush stuffed toysAn assortment of plush toys in three different styles are available for the main dragons in “How to Train Your Dragon.” These consist of the small mini plush, the more detailed medium sized plush figures and the large plush “pillow pals”. The pillow pals are getting rare now. There is no plush toy for the very cute Terrible Terror.

The movie “How to Train Your Dragon” is now available on blu-ray, DVD and blu-ray/DVD combo packs along with the direct video sequel “Gift of the Night Fury”. Bring the dragons into your home.

How to Train your Dragon books by Cressida CowellThere are a wide variety of books available for “How to Train Your Dragon” fans. A good place to start reading is with Cressida Cowell’s original novels which inspired the movie. You may be surprised that the movie doesn’t follow the plot of the books, nor are the dragons quite the same. Instead, DreamWorks used the characters and foundation of Cressida’s work and the world she created and made their own story. This makes reading the books a completely different experience from watching the movie and one that I think is worthwhile for fans. The books are aimed at young readers (listed as for readers 8 and up), and teens and adults will find them to be a fast read. The stories are a nice balance that is easy for younger readers yet they still are engaging, fun and humorous for adults. There are presently nine books in the “How to Train Your Dragon” series.

There are also a number of books directly related to the movie version of the story, including “Gobber’s Guide to Battling Dragons” and variety of activity books. Animation fans should be sure to get “The Art of How to Train Your Dragon.” Find all the How to Train Your Dragon books here.

For a limited time you can download the “How to Train Your Dragon” audiobook for free with a trial membership at audible.com. Click here to download your free audiobook now!

How to Train Your Dragon based video games are available for all the major game platforms, including PS3, Wii, XBox 360 and Nintendo DS. Get your How to Train Your Dragon video game now.

Want to look like a dragon? Whether Halloween is around the corner or if you’re just going to a costume party, you can get a costume based on characters from the movie. Shop here for How to Train Your Dragon costumes.

In addition to the costumes listed above, you can also get How to Train Your Dragon clothing, including T-shirts, pajamas, Viking helmets and more. Click here to find How to Train Your Dragon movie clothing.

The Dragon Store also offers How to Train Your Dragon posters, bedding, lunch boxes, towels, party sets and all sorts of other merchandise. Shop now for dragon items for your home.

If you’re shopping for a gift but not sure what to get, then consider giving a gift card. With it they can pick out what they want from The Dragon Store or directly on amazon.com. Gift cards can be sent by email, printed out at home or mailed to the recipient. It’s quick and easy. Buy your How to Train Your Dragon gift card now.
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