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Cast Meets Their Dragon Costars
Once casting for the How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular was completed, the cast got a chance to go behind the scenes at Creature Technologies (the company that built all the animatronic dragons and puppets) to meet their dragon costars that they’ll be performing with. These photos were all taken around the November 2011 timeframe in Australia. Here we see the principal Viking players posing with the very large Gronckle and Deadly Nadder animatronic dragons. In the center is Jeffrey Katzenberg of DreamWorks. On the left is┬áSarah McCreanor and Riley Miner and on the right is Gemma Nguyen and...View album
Deadly Nadder Dragon at Media Launch Event
Here are some great photos of the Deadly Nadder animatronic dragon that will appear in the How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular. The size of this giant animatronic dragon is truly impressive as is the fact that it’s able to move so smoothly. This dragon has a lot of articulation built in. He can walk, tilt down to lower his head, move the head side to side and up and down, mouth opens and closes, eyes move and blink, the wings flap and tail moves side to side. He’s also able to exhale a good amount of smoke as...View album