DreamWorks has produced another great Behind the Scenes look at the making of the How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular arena show.  This is longest and most detailed look at the making of the live show produced to date and fans will find it well worth the time to watch it. It’s a very well balanced combination of peeks at the show itself along with a look behind the scenes. Did you know that it took 1000 people to create the show? Or that the show can be setup or torn down in a single day? Did you know that Toothless contains over 30 servos to provide all the movements and expressions he needs to make during the show? This and more about what it takes to make the dragons move and act in a life-like way is presented in the video.

Producers, Puppeteers, Creative Designers and more welcome you into the world of fire-breathing, high-flying Dragons! Meet some of the cast members and hear what some fans had to say about the show! This sneak peek of the world tour is full of amazing creatures, technology, and talent. Find out more about this amazing show featuring 23 larger than life dragons with never before seen 40-foot wing spans, a huge cast of Viking warriors, and high-flying theatrics.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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