Hear Tim Johnson, executive producer of “How to Train Your Dragon”, and Nigel Jamison, director of the arena show, speak at the media launch event for the How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular live show. This is the first time the press and fans have gotten a chance to see their first life-sized dragon creation, the Deadly Nadder, brought to life. The Deadly Nadder is an extremely impressive animatronic dragon. The robotic version is actually larger than the dragon that appears in the movie, probably so that it looks impressive in a huge arena setting. Watch the video and see how incredibly detailed the dragon is and how life-like its motion is. Tim talks about how the story in the arena show version is basically the same, but incorporates new elements, new scenes and new tools to make it come alive in an arena setting. This new show will feature a staggering 35 dragons! Creature designer Sonny Tilders talks about how they’ve taken what they’ve learned from making the dinosaur robots from the Walking with Dinosaurs arena show and applied it to the dragons. Carmen Pavlovic, CEO of Global Creatures, talks about how the dragons will need to fly, breathe fire and interact with the cast. Should be a very impressive show when it opens in Melbourne in March, 2012.

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Interview with Nigel Jamieson and Sonny Tilders

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