Here we have two interviews with two of the main players who are working hard behind the scenes to bring the How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular live show to audiences around world. In the first interview with show director Nigel Jamieson, he talks about the challenges of creating the DreamWorks Dragons live show. Some of the interesting things he talks about are the flying system that will allow the dragons to fly around the arena and the large scale projection system that allows them to turn the arena space into the environments and sets we saw in the movie. He also talks a bit about how they gathered the cast from cities around the world.

In this second interview with Sonny Tilders, creature designer at Global Creatures, he talks about the process of creating the dragons for the How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular. It’s interesting to hear how things have evolved and are different from the Walking with Dinosaurs show they previously created. Probably the most interesting tidbit here is how Sonny tells us that DreamWorks first approached Global Creatures in 2008 about the possibility of adapting the technology from Walking with Dinosaurs to the How to Train Your Dragon story. That’s a good two years before the movie was released theatrically, so DreamWorks was thinking about doing a live show quite early on. It’s interesting that DreamWorks was thinking about using their properties in other venues besides just movie theaters at that early point.

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