Spoiler Warning: be aware that this video shows some clips from the actual arena show. So if you want to be completely surprised when you see it, then you should probably not watch this video.

This video has some short interviews with Rarmian Newton, one of two actors who portray Hiccup in the How to Train Your Dragon Live Arena Spectacular, and with Sarah McCleanor, one of the two actors in the role of Astrid. In between these interviews we see some footage of the a dress rehearsal of the show in an actual arena venue (note all the empty arena seats). It’s probably one of the dress rehearsals that were conducted just prior to the premiere. We get a nice look at the Monstrous Nightmare, Toothless and the Red Death animatronic dragons. When I first heard about this show, I always wondered how they were going to portray the gigantic Red Death dragon since it has to be so much larger than Toothless, and now we know. It’s an enormous animatronic head, probably the largest such animatronic ever made, and the rest of the dragon is created by projections on the enormous back wall. That’s a creative solution to the problem and I think it works well in a theatrical sort of way. Note the clever use of projections on the floor of the arena to create the illusion of speed and flight over the landscape. I think it’s a very good effect. The only thing that doesn’t quite seem right to me is that it would be nice if Toothless could flap his wings with more energy and vigor, but perhaps they’re up against design limitations of what they can pull off on a flying rig like that.

Most surprising thing in the video: Sarah McCleanor hadn’t seen the How to Train Your Dragon movie when she went for the audition! She literally didn’t know what she was auditioning for.


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