The cast of the How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular arrives for the first week of rehearsals in Australia in November of 2011. It’s fun to watch their reactions as they meet the full sized animatronic Deadly Nadder and Gronckle dragons for the first time. This is the Gronckle’s first publicly visible appearance and I’d say it’s a big success. And it’s still amazing to watch how smoothly and naturally these gigantic dragons are able to move and perform about the arena space. You can see how impressed the cast is and audiences are sure to be blown away. Rehearsals will proceed for about four months until the show premieres in Melbourne, Australia at the beginning of March 2012.

As DreamWorks and Global Creatures have previously told us, the roles of Hiccup and Astrid will each be played by two performers due to the intense physical nature of those parts. Altogether, the cast will consist of 23 human performers working alongside of 24 dragons. The teenage performers in the show all have martial arts, stunt performer, parkour, dance and similar skills to make a very exciting show for audiences. Featured in the video are Rarmian Newton, Riley Miner, Sarah McCreanor, Gemma Nguyen, Godefroy Ryckewaert, Dexter Mayfield, Virackhaly Negth, Luke Mercado, Moe Alafrangy and Sofiane Belkebir. We also see How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular director Nigel Jamieson welcoming the cast to the rehearsal arena.

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