Would you like to see the work that goes on behind the scenes at the Creature Technology Company to bring the dragons in the How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular to life? Short of getting in a plane and flying to Australia (and then bribing someone to let you in), this video will give you a taste of just that. You’ll see some of the concept art for the dragons, some full scale models, a few 3-D computer models, a look at some of the puppets and large scale dragon animatronics under construction, and rehearsals of some of the stunts that will appear in the show. It’s impressive to see the broad range of disciplines that come together to create a show like this. There’s mechanical and electrical engineering, traditional and computer based art and design, puppetry, live actors and stunt work and even more that we don’t see in this short video like music and lighting. It’s great to see art and technology come together like this.

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