Ever wonder what goes in to making an animated movie like How to Train Your Dragon? The process is much more complex than most people think. At DreamWorks, the process of going from script to screen is broken down into 15 steps representing an overall pipeline. The complex nature of making an animated movie means that different scenes in the movie may be in different stages at different times, and some scenes will even repeat some steps in the pipeline as they are further refined.

To learn how this all works, join Skipper and the other penguins from the Madagascar movies as they walk you through the complete pipeline accompanied by some of the actual writers, directors, animators, artists and others that all contribute to bringing a DreamWorks animated movie to life. This 15 minute fun and informative tour is a great way to learn how animated movies are produced. To learn even more, check out books like The Art of How to Train Your Dragon, The Art of Kung Fu Panda 3, The Art of The Lion King, and these other great titles.


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