How to Train Your Dragon fans and plush collectors will be delighted to know that a Barf and Belch plush dragon is now available from the folks at Build-a-Bear. As with the previously released Toothless and StormFly plush dragons, the Barf and Belch toy is another high quality stuffed animal toy. It’s a great item for both kids and for adult collectors.

Barf and Belch plush stuffed dragon toys at Build a Bear

The huggable two-headed green dragon ridden by Ruffnut and Tuffnut is about 15 inches tall and is amazingly cute. When purchased at a Build-a-Bear retail store, Barf and Belch (as well as any other plush toy they sell) can be stuffed to order so that it comes out with exactly the degree of huggability that you want. When purchased online, Barf and Belch either comes pre-stuffed or completely unstuffed so you can stuff it yourself.

Barf and Belch plush stuffed dragon toys at Build a BearBarf and Belch plush stuffed dragon toys at Build a Bear

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As with the other How to Train Your Dragon plush animals, Barf and Belch are said to be available for a limited time. And given the timing of the releases of the previous Toothless and StormFly stuffed dragons, we anticipate seeing Build-a-Bear release a plush version of HookFang in about four months. After HookFang comes out, they may start releasing some of the other dragons like the terrible terrors, or maybe some of the wild dragons seen in the animated series.

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