The line of official souvenir merchandise that will be available for purchase at the How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular has been released and is even available for order online (in case you can’t wait for the show to arrive in your local arena). Among the items available are T-shirts (in both kids and adult sizes), plastic figures, plush toys, a souvenir program, plus a few miscellaneous items like light toys, lanyards, a mug and so forth. Not surprisingly, most of the items are geared towards kids but there are a few things that might interest the adult dragon fan or collector. Since the show started in Australia, the price list is currently shown in Australian dollars, but since the exchange rate between the US and Australian dollar is so close, we won’t bother to distinguish here.

Let’s take a look at some of the items and compare them to what’s already available:

Souvenir Program

A fairly detailed souvenir program for the How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular is offered at $25. This one looks to be much more detailed than the average show program and is listed as being 60 pages long and includes cast and crew information with pictures of the show and exclusive behind the scenes photos. This looks like it would make a very nice souvenir of the show.

How to Train your Dragon Arena Spectacular official show program souvenir

For comparison, there are a couple of other books presently available about the movie. My personal favorite is The Art of How to Train Your Dragon which shows much of the concept art used in the development of the movie.

Plastic Toys

Let’s turn our attention to the toys and look at the plastic toys they’ll be selling at the arena show first. They’re selling four of these: the Night Fury, Deadly Nadder, Gronckle and the Monstrous Nightmare dragons. Here are some photos:

 How to Train Your Dragon Arena Show dragon figure toys

These four toys are similar to the set of action figures that are already available. The main difference is that these are slightly larger figures and are listed as ranging from 23-33 cm (approx. 9-12 inches) whereas the previously released action figures top out at around 7-8 inches. The arena show figures are also listed as being hand painted, though this doesn’t necessary mean the whole figure was hand painted and it’s possible that only certain highlights were painted on by hand. These figures for the arena show are also slightly more expensive and are priced at $30 each. The other action figures are priced in the $25-28 range for the most part when they were first released, however some of the figures have gotten rare which has caused the prices to rise.

At the moment at least, it looks like they’re not selling toys for the new dragons they created for the show like the Skrill, Egg Biter and Stinger. That’s too bad since it would have been nice to see some figures that were unique to the arena show.

Dragon Plush Toys

Let’s take a look at the lineup of plush toys next. The How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular will be offering four plush dragons plus two plush dolls of Hiccup and Astrid. The dragons that will be available for sale are the Night Fury, Monstrous Nightmare, Deadly Nadder and the Gronckle and here’s what they look like:

How to Train Your Dragon plush dragon toys

The sizes of the plush dragons range from 23cm (9 inches) for the Nadder and Night Fury up to 43cm (17 inches) for the Gronckle. As such, the Night Fury, Deadly Nadder and Monstrous Nightmare are very similar in size to those that have previously been available. The only other Gronckle plush was the pillow plush that was sold at Walmart stores for a short time when the movie came out. These dragons are priced at $35 each.

Here are the Hiccup and Astrid plush dolls. Hiccup is listed as 40cm (16 inches) and Astrid is 38cm (15 inches). Both have moveable arms and legs and a soft PVC head and are $35 each.

Astrid and Hiccup plush dolls from the How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular

It surprises me that DreamWorks isn’t offering a wider range of plush dragons. If you look on eBay at the prices of the larger pillow plush dragons that have long since been discontinued, the prices on those are generally quite high which shows there’s a good demand for these larger plush toys. If they were to offer some jumbo sized plush dragons, I’m sure they would sell quite well.

If you like collecting dragons in general, then be sure to check out these plush dragons.

How to Train Your Dragon T-Shirts

There are eight different t-shirt designs available with some available for both adults and kids. The availability of adult sized T-shirts for the How to Train Your Dragon Arena show is a very welcome addition to the merchandise lineup. To my knowledge, these are the first adult sized shirts available at all. The only shirts I’ve seen before were the few kids T-shirts that used to be sold at Walmart. All adult T-shirts are priced at $35 and all kids shirts are $30.

So let’s start by looking at the adult shirts of which there are four. The first is the arena show tour shirt:

How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular World Tour T-shirt

The text on the back reads “Soaring the Globe World Tour 2012.” This is a nice shirt and it appears to come in black only. It comes in adult sizes from small to XL. This is the only shirt that has printing on the back.

There are three more mens T-shirts available: the dragon trainer shirt that comes in navy and red, and the “Mean and Mighty Gronckle” shirt in brown. These are available in sizes from small to extra-large as well.

Mens dragon trainer t-shirts for How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular merchandise


Next up is the lady’s tee in pink that reads “Viking Approved” on it. Like the others, this tee shirt is available in sizes from small to XL.

How to Train Your Dragon Viking Approved ladies t-shirt merchandise

Here are the kids shirts for the How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular. The two Dragon Trainer shirts are the same as the adult ones, and in addition to these they’re also offering a Gronckle shirt and grey shirt with the Night Fury logo on it. These shirts are available in kids sizes from small to XL.

Kids shirts for the How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular live show merchandise

The final shirt in the line up is a girl’s black floral shirt with a silhouette of a Night Fury flying overhead. Available in sizes from small to XL.

Girls How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular floral t-shirt merchandise

It’s a fairly good selection of shirts, though I would have preferred a few that had bolder designs on them, such as a full color likeness of Toothless or the other dragons in the show. At least they’re making shirts available in adult sizes which is a first for How to Train Your Dragon merchandise. If you like dragon shirts with bolder designs, be sure to check out these T-shirts.

Wings and Tails

For anyone who wants to become a dragon themselves, you can purchase your very own dragon tail and a set of wings to wear. You have your choice of either a Deadly Nadder or Night Fury tail. The tails are 80cm long (31 inches) and are made of polyester soft plush material. The tails are attached to an 86.5cm (34 inches) belt with a velcro fastener. The dragon tails cost $20 each.

How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular souvenir merchandise dragon tails

You can also add a set of wings, though only Deadly Nadder wings are available. Not sure why Night Fury wings aren’t being sold as one would think those would be the most popular. The Nadder wings are 143cm (56 inches) in length and have elastic arm loops.These cost $20 as well.

How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular deadly nadder dragon wings souvenir merchandise


If you like costuming as characters from the movie, then be sure to check out these costumes for Hiccup, Toothless, Deadly Nadder and the Gronckle.

Hand Puppet

A single hand puppet is available for the Red Death which is the enormous dragon that Hiccup and Toothless have to defeat. The puppet is 33cm (13 inches) long and made of latex and is cotton lined. It costs $20.

How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular Arena Show souvenir merchandise Red Death hand puppet

There are no other puppets based on the How to Train Your Dragon characters presently available, however there are quite a few high quality dragon puppets to be found. Click here to check out the selection of dragon puppets.


Two dragon souvenir lanyards are being offered, one with brass pins and the other with enamel pins. Both are priced at $15. The lanyard with brass pins features head shot images of Hiccup, Astrid, the Deadly Nadder, Gronckle and Toothless. It looks like this:

How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular souvenir lanyard with brass pins

The lanyard with enamel pins features pins of Hiccup, Astrid, the Deadly Nadder, Gronckle, Monstrous Nightmare and Toothless and looks like this:

How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular souvenir lanyard with enamel pins


A souvenir Viking style tankard with Toothless perching on the edge and appearing to be sipping a drink is offered. Toothless’ tail forms the handle of the mug. It costs $15.

How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular Toothless dragon tankard souvenir

Light Toys

A couple of light up toys are also available are various prices. The first we’ll look at is a Toothless fiber optic light that costs $12:

How to Train Your Dragon Arena Show Toothless fiber optic souvenir light

The light has fiber optic elements coming out of Toothless’ mouth, sort of like he’s breathing fire. The fiber optic strands are described as being 4cm (1.5 inches) long and light up with 6 different color and light sequences using red, blue and green light.

Two light up dragon medallions are offered, one with a Night Fury symbol and the other with a Monstrous Nightmare symbol. These cost $8 and the medallions are 6cm (2.25 inches) in diameter. The medallions light up and flash when turned on. They look like this:

Night Fury Medallion souvenir How to Train Your Dragon Arena SpectacularHow to Train your Dragon Arena Spectacular souvenir Monstrous Nightmare medallion

Finally, they’re offering a spinner type light toy for $18. The spinner souvenir is listed as being 21cm or about 8.25 inches (doesn’t say if that’s height or diameter) and features soft PVC figures of Hiccup and Astrid on top with three dragons, the Nadder, Monstrous Nightmare and Night Fury, spinning around the two humans. The dragons and the arms of the spinner appear to light up.

How to Train your Dragon Arena Spectacular spinner light toy souvenir

That wraps up the run down of souvenir merchandise presently being offered. It’s possible there will be additional items added as the tour continues. We’ll keep you updated of any new items offered. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be alerted. Other than the souvenir program, none of the items strike me as being particularly special, though the availability of adult sized T-shirts is certainly welcome. I was of course hoping to find some special items for my own collection, though having seen what was available when I went to Walking with Dinosaurs, I wasn’t expecting to find much. Some of the special things I would have liked to see in the line up of collectibles would be large or giant sized plush figures of the dragons (made to strictly match the look of the dragons in the movie, of course) or some highly detailed figures that go beyond the plastic toys being offered. I think the merchandising people also missed the boat on things like remote controlled dragons. After people have watched Toothless, the Deadly Nadder, Monstrous Nightmare and Gronckle wander freely around the arena floor, I’m sure there would be demand from people who would want take an RC roaming dragon home with them like this one. I’m also surprised they’re not offering a soundtrack CD for the show as I’m sure new music was written that doesn’t appear in the movie. Oh well.

If you don’t want to wait for the arena show to come to you, you can purchase any of the items listed above by visiting Note however, that the shipping charges are rather high. Delivering outside of Australia is listed as costing $10 for the first item plus $6 for each additional item. Yikes! Hopefully, when the show comes to the US they’ll start distributing the orders from within the US which should lower the shipping costs. We’ll keep you updated if this happens.

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