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Halloween is right around the corner and it’s not too late to get your kids or yourself outfitted with a costume. Fans of the How to Train Your Dragon series can dress up as their favorite dragon or Viking character, plus there are plenty of other dragon costuming supplies available for both kids and adults. Many items are available with FREE two-day shipping, so you can have your costume right away. Click to learn more about free two-day shipping. Let’s get started! How to Train Your Dragon Costumes Complete ready-made costumes are available so your kids can become Toothless, Hiccup or…Read more

If you’re an animator or someone who’s studying to be an animator or one of the other positions in the animation production world, then DreamWorks Animation is now accepting resumes for both jobs and internships. Here’s your chance to get in and be part of the magic that brings Toothless and other DreamWorks animated characters to life on the screen. Take a look at some examples of the positions that are currently available (note that openings change all the time, so be sure to check the website given below): Character Effects R&D team – opportunity to develop tools and algorithms that have a…Read more

Ever wonder what goes in to making an animated movie like How to Train Your Dragon? The process is much more complex than most people think. At DreamWorks, the process of going from script to screen is broken down into 15 steps representing an overall pipeline. The complex nature of making an animated movie means that different scenes in the movie may be in different stages at different times, and some scenes will even repeat some steps in the pipeline as they are further refined. To learn how this all works, join Skipper and the other penguins from the Madagascar movies…Read more

How to Train Your Dragon fans and plush collectors will be delighted to know that a Barf and Belch plush dragon is now available from the folks at Build-a-Bear. As with the previously released Toothless and StormFly plush dragons, the Barf and Belch toy is another high quality stuffed animal toy. It’s a great item for both kids and for adult collectors. The huggable two-headed green dragon ridden by Ruffnut and Tuffnut is about 15 inches tall and is amazingly cute. When purchased at a Build-a-Bear retail store, Barf and Belch (as well as any other plush toy they sell) can…Read more

Here’s a great promotional video where you get a chance to see Sid the Sloth from the Ice Age Live! arena show up close and in person. This video was shot during a media event when the show visited the city of Minsk in Belarus a short time back. We get to see Sid as he wanders about the city meeting people and showing off his dance moves. The Ice Age Live! arena show will soon be coming to Australia and New Zealand. Click to find out more. Stay tuned for upcoming articles that will take you behind the scenes of this…Read more